Monique Abbadie Delivers A Powerful Rendition Of Loca

The Voice Auditions

The Moment She Heard This Girl Singing, The Judge Was Stunned

The judges of The Voice are used to seeing many incredible, or even bizarre performances, but sometimes, they are surprised as well. And this contestant came with a double surprise.
Monique Abbadie, is 20 years old. She used to be a child star from the bilingual kids tv show “El Show de Lucky.” She had even met Shakira before, at the age of 10, during one of her concerts. To prove it, she showed off a picture of them together to Carson Daly before her performance. She wanted the judges to pick her, but clearly she’d already picked one of them as well. Apparently, Monique has always been a big fan of Shakira’s. For this audition, she decided to take a risk and perform one of the latin singer’s latest hits, ‘Loca.’

Her powerful voice and electrifying rendition completely stole the show. It’s impressive to see how all the judges, one by one, fell head over heels for Monique. They all tried to put up a fight to have her on their teams, but Shakira said it bluntly: “You know I got this one guys.” Monique left the stage thankful for having her idol as her coach.

Watch Monique’s performance in the video.


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