I Love Movies: Tony Hawk – The Naked Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me (2015) HD

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I Love Movies: Tony Hawk – The Naked Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me (2015) HD

Tony Hawk discusses both “The Naked Gun” and “The Spy Who Loved Me,” reminiscing about family time and discovering skateboarding as a kid.

Celebrities sit down to talk about their favorite films and how movies have impacted them personally and professionally.

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“Taken By Force” – Christopher Lennertz – Extreme Music Library
“Pump Action” – Matthew De Bracey Backer – Extreme Music Library
“It’s All Upside” – Raphael Lake
“Roots of Temptation” – Danny Daniels, Will Lee
“Heat Street Hustle”- Heinz Kiessling – Extreme Music Library
“Doesn’t Matter Where We Go” – Zane Carney

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