ABC TV | How To Make Rose Paper Flower From Crepe Paper – Craft Tutorial

The rose is the national flower of England. Roses are the most popular in the flower community. It symbol of love and It’s the most popularly sent flower on Valentine’s Day, or decor wedding flower bouquet, with my tutorial, you can owned some rose paper flower, used on special occassion, or any day if you like, Select specific colors to convey your feelings. Have fun with rose meaning and symbolism. Share the beauty and rich historical symbolism of this timeless flower today:

+ Gold Rose: Joy, protection against envy lovers, mature love
+ White Rose: Purity, virtue, holiness, Secret admirer, mystic
+ Red Rose: sacrifice, love immortalized, Health, Memorial, Passion
+ Pink Rose: Love first, Innocence, healing

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I can’t know exactly what information about this flower in your country, can you help me more information in the link below, thank you very much:

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